About Us

Mira wa Neko

I'm the developer behind the website and Discord bot.

Mira wa Neko

Phantasy Star Online 2 Mira wa Neko Global: Ship 2
Final Fantasy XIV Mira Wa'neko Diabolos on Crystal

Mira#6472 MiraWaNeko @MiraWaNeko [email protected]


I'm helping with ideas and collecting data for the website.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Dogisgod Global: Ship 2
Final Fantasy XIV Monika Chr Diabolos on Crystal

Dogisgod_ @dogisgod15

Sensitive Information
If your message contain sensitive information, we ask you to encrypt your message via Keybase.
Simply choose MiraWaNeko as the recipient and enter your message, encrypt the message and send the secret message to us via the e-mail or Discord above.
The message is encrypted with a public key and only we will be able to decrypt it and read your message.